Install Nikita GCam APK for Poco X3 Pro a.k.a Vanyu / Bima

Sunday, April 7, 2024
Poco X3 Pro

Poco already know as one of best bang for budget phones such like performance and build quality. Poco have popular puppy back then like Poco X3 NFC and Poco X3 Pro which been equip the best chipset for price, 700 series and 800 series under 300 USD.

Chipset are great specially when play some big title game with good to best graphic quality in setting.

Poco X3 Pro like the slibing NFC, have quad primary camera. 48MP, 8MP wide angle and 2MP+2MP for assist.

But if you like to improve camera quality you can use some 'special ingredient' camera to archive best yet photo in single shoot without editing too mmuch.

Nikita GCam or NGCam for Poco X3 Pro

We can install Google Camera Mod for the device, and lucky for X3 Pro users, you can install Google Camera without any special step for your phone.

This time I share GCam mod from Nikita modder for Poco X3 Pro. You can install it like install ordinary APK.

NGCam (Nikita) Poco X3 Pro (129.7MB) Download

No need root, no need special tools. All files from Stay tuned Find GCam for other GCam for Poco X3 Pro. Enjoy!