Download GCam for OnePlus 7 Pro by Arnova8G2

Friday, September 17, 2021
Oneplus 7 Pro

Oneplus is one of popular smartphone maker right now. With their product idea "flagship killer" for original oneplus smartphone back then lead them produce many cool & powerful smartphone for cheap price.

Back to 2019, Oneplus 7 Pro. its been 2 years ago but like yesterday right? I know lol XD

Anyway, Oneplus 7 Pro won many users heart with great looking design and color especially blue one. And clean display design, not cutout or notch. It has under display fingerprint scanner and top notch chipset back in 2019.

GCam for OnePlus 7 Pro

Right let's talk about camera. OnePlus 7 Pro have 3 popular camera system which are Wide, Utrawide and Telephoto. For selfies duty, 7 Pro have 16MP pop up camera system.

Judging by users on internet, this phone may not have great photo and video result when compare with other smartphone. 

Well, if you looking a way to improve OnePlus 7 Pro camera, you can borrow Google algorithm via Google Camera Mod app.

This version of GCam made by developers named Arnova8G2, based on Google Camera version 8.1.101. And it come with config or XML file for better result. Here you can download GCam for OnePLus 7 Pro and it's config.

GCam 6.210329.0153build-8.1.101 (70.8MB) Download
Config (13.6KB) Download

It should be work by install normally as regular apk file. Move config or XML file to Internal\GCam\Configs8. For apply configs or XML file, you can check this tutorial.

Many thanks to OnePlus 7/T/Pro GCam community and techinbermuda forum. Enjoy!



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