Privacy and Usage Policy

Find GCam is website that free to access for everyone. Find GCam use several data to serve better experiment to you. We use third party service to build and serve this website include Google service (Blogger, Analytic) and SafelinkU for link.


We write ourself content or post to our reader. The information on content based from our experience, other website and community. This contents are free to access and read anywhere anytime. If you copy something that came from our content, please add our credit from findgcam into your work.


We using third party Google Analytic and Blogger to get know our audience. This type of data are anonymous, we never know about exact identity of our audience. More privacy information, please read their Privacy Policy


We use link to provide information about something. We use internal link which lead to other content of Find GCam and external link which lead to other website. We use third party service SafelinkU for safelink type. Content from external link and safelink not provide by us and we are not responsible that content.