Download and Install GCam Bulkin V16, the Universal GCam for Most Phones

Thursday, September 16, 2021
Google Camera Logo

Smartphone this mature been great to do all our work, play and especially take our memories. Yepp, compare to the past generation, Smartphone now capable to take great quality of pictures and videos.

Not only that, there are popular mod to improve even more quality of our camera phones. Google Camera Mod a.k.a GCam.

Just like the name, GCam actually is clever algorithm from Google for their phones Pixel. Because Android is open source, this app can installed to non Pixel phones.

But not all GCam version support all our devices. Well except this one.

This mod called GCam Bulkin V16 and it should worked well to almost all phones to do all magic, almost. We can install it just like ordinary apk files and no need root access.

Here you can download GCam Bulkin V16 now.

GCam Bulkin V16 (136.5MB) Download

Beside all phones should work well. This GCam version Bulkin V16 have minus however which can't apply any of config files. Make it just basic GCam, but bright side night mode can enable and work really good.

Thanks guys for visit, I know the Engrish looks bad so sorry for that hehe 😅



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