Install MGC GCam for Nothing Phone (1)

Monday, April 8, 2024
Nothing Phone (1)

Getting new venture from original CEO of OnePlus, Carl Pei building new vision of smarthone company with very modern name NOTHING.

First product success getting hype and sell in western and US market. This puppy have unique design and feature also metioning the price, sure Nothing Phone (1) want your wallet.

Nothing Phone come with classic dual primary camera system with 50MP primary and 50MP wide angle camera, nice!

Wait with this spec, what if we pair it with Google's magic algorithm GCam? via youtube technolobe, you can actually using stable version of GCam with provide from MGC modder.

MGC GCam for Nothing Phone (1)

About him a bit via celsoazevedo, BSG, or B-S-G, is one of the main guys behind this mod. Since he usually owns Xiaomi phones, that's were his versions usually work better, but it also works on other devices. His versions are usually shared on 4PDA or telegram groups and he tries to include only the main features. Many modders use his versions as a base.

Yes lucky one of his mod work great with Nothing Phone (1)

MGC 8.4 Nothing Phone (1) (162.6 MB) Download

As always you can install it like usually you install APK / from unknow source. This APK is mirror from celsoazevedo as main GCam basecamp, thanks to technolobe of course. Enjoy!